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From pushcarts to modern transportation, Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Central Virginia (PCVA) has withstood the test of time. As a cornerstone of the Central Virginia Community, PCVA has been a leading business and employer since its inception by Samuel Ambrose Jessup in 1908.

Samuel Jessup was born in Stokes County, North Carolina in 1877. After his father’s death in 1891, Samuel moved to Southern Virginia where he embarked on a path that would lead to a lifetime of entrepreneurship, eventually transitioning into the soft drink business. In 1908, Mr. Jessup made the move to Charlottesville, Virginia seeking educational opportunities for his children that were not available to him as a young man. Mr. Jessup decided that Pepsi-Cola would provide the best future for his family and he obtained on December 28, 1908, what is now the oldest written and recorded franchise.

Samuel JessupMr. Jessup, or "Mr. S.A." as he later became affectionately known by his friends and employees, started his Pepsi-Cola business in the basement of a building on 4th Street in downtown Charlottesville. In addition to the bottling company, Mr. S. A. also became involved in a number of other business ventures, most memorable of which are The Monticello Dairy and Virginia Trailways Bus System.

Following the death of Mr. S.A. in 1960, his youngest son, Jimmie Jessup became President of the company. Jimmie introduced several changes to the company, the biggest of which being a move in November, 1963 to a newer and larger location on Millmont Street. Pepsi-Cola eventually outgrew the Millmont Street location and in 1983, the current production and sales facility, located off Route 29, was constructed and occupied. Jimmie remained president of the company until his passing in February, 1984.

After their father's death in 1984, Jay Jessup became President and Suzanne Jessup Brooks became Executive Vice President of Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Central Virginia. PCVA also operates Pepsi sales centers in Warrenton and Weyers Cave, Virginia.


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Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Central Virginia

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Central Virginia is a family owned franchise with sales locations in Charlottesville, Warrenton, and Weyers Cave.


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Charlottesville Executive Office
481 Hillsdale Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22901
P.O. Box 9035
Charlottesville, VA 22906-9035
800-847-3774 or 434-978-2140

Charlottesville Plant
330 Seminole Court
Charlottesville, VA 22901
800-847-3774 or 434-978-2140

5393 Lee Highway
Warrenton, VA 20187
800-523-5540 or 540-347-3112

Weyers Cave
100 Triangle Drive
Weyers Cave, VA 24486
800-492-1712 or 540-234-9238